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Dead Men Don't Bite

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Dead Men Don't BiteAndrew Towning once again brings together an action packed cliff-hanger, that moves at a relentless pace! Dead Men Don't Bite is mixed with intrigue, suspense and larger-than-life characters. Dead Men Don't Bite, starts off with Jake Dillon recalled back to London from a covert operation in Cuba by his stalwart boss, Edward Levenson-Jones.

The order has come from former Prime Minister, Sir Lucius Stagg, because an international crisis is looming. The wreck of a World War Two, Nazi U-boat has been discovered in a subterranean cavern on the treacherous northern coast of the island of Jersey.

It's exact location remains a mystery, as the man who made the discovery is deliberately mowed down on a crossing by a hit and run driver, leaving him in a deep coma. In the U-boat is Nazi gold bullion, and the Spear of Destiny.

A mystical spearhead, that has been chronicled throughout history, and which Hitler believed bestowed upon him the power to be undefeated in battle. Dillon works tirelessly against the clock to find the U-boat, but French Billionaire Hugo Malakoff wants to stop Dillon recovering the spear for H.M.Government, because he wants to claim it for himself.

Malakoff is a fanatical fascist, obsessed by power and the deluded vision of a New World Order. Sweeping from London to Jersey and back with ever-growing momentum, Dead Men Don't Bite brings together a remarkable set of hero's and villains in the most desperate struggle of their lives.

It is a complex, brilliantly executed story of high-explosive secrets, war and extreme danger above and below water.

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Dead Men Don't Bite


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